Schizofrantik : ripping heartaches (Review) [April 2018]

The band showcases an enormous creativity and should be considered a band to reckon with. From the powerful and demanding opening track, to the clever and beautiful Children Stopped Crying in Aleppo and onto the very progressive, compositional bravery of Infinity, this album is a must-have for fans of the aforementioned bands and surely will be played again and again by myself. I will now investigate the back catalogue of this band.

Schizofrantik : ripping heartaches (Review) [November 2017]

Outside the borders, Schizofrantik is quite unknown. Based on what is spreading on 'Ripping Heartaches', there should be a need for change. Would you say. The high-quality blend of avant-garde rock and jazzy prog metal fusion deserves for sure more attention.

Schizofrantik : the Knight on the Shark (Review) [October 2013]

The trio is now releasing an opus on which melody, aggression, emotionality, virtuous musical craftsmanship and an impressive degree of compositional bravery coexist in a symbiosis that can justly be described as nothing short of flawless.

Schizofrantik : the Knight on the Shark (Review) [07.10.2013]

... musical journey, with so many time signatures, breaks and mood-shifts that you will have to digest it all by playing this album over and over again (always a good idea) to get in the right feel and mood! When you do you, will most certainly be greatly rewarded.

Schizofrantik : Oddities (Review) [September 2011]

This is very hot and I think every music lover and Progressive Rock / Metal fan should check this out! This is fresh, this is cool, this is the future! KILLER!