new album "funk from hell" out now
Cover funk from hell
"funk from hell"


We´re very sorry but the gig in Straubing (07.03.) had to be cancelled due to some unexpected adversities.


We got a new member in our band. His name is Henning Lübben and he plays keyboard. Actually he has done his first gig with us and some videos where taken, which can be seen within the next few days on our homepage and on youtube. So watch out folks.


The first review to our upcoming CD "the knight on the shark" is online. Thanx to Tonny Larsen


The video "liquid light" is online. You can watch it on You Tube with the following link.

liquid light


we proudly present our new release "the knight on the shark"
Cover the knight on the shark
out in stores at 8.11.2013


After a long period of working on songs, lyrics, coverart and videos we are proud to tell you that our new CD entitled "the knight on the sharl will be out this year. The CD includes 7 Songs and lasts over 50 minutes. So stay tuned for further informations.


We are very proud to announce the brandnew fourth bandmember Joschi Joachimsthaler (Guitar) to you! He came to the audition, played with us, we had a good time together and there was nothing left to be said. Welcome Joschi! Hip Hip Hurrrray!!!


Attention - Gig in Jazzclub Hirsch is canceled!!!


And don't forget...
Flyer Schizofrantik


Our Trailer is online.

Our Trailer is online.
On the video you can see some pictures, taken from our cover. And don't forget..."oddities" is availiable at friday the 28th.


On our release gig on 4.12. at the Feierwerk in Munich, we will sale our brand new CD for 10,- €. Those of you, who will not visit us will have to pay 15,- €. Beside this there are some surprises and guests, waiting for you at this memorable event. Don't miss it;-)


Our Releasegig for our new CD "odditites" is booked. We will play on the 4.12.2011 at the Feierwerk. Beside some new stuff, we will play some old stuff too;-)


It's hard to believe, but Schizofrantik is back with a new CD entitled "oddities". Now we are a signed band at the label Gentle Art of Music. So stay tuned...there are more things to come.